Freediving Course

What is freediving? Freediving, free-diving, free diving, breath-hold diving, or skin diving, is underwater diving that relies on holding one's breath until resurfacing rather than the use of scuba gear.

Discover your inner potentials! We offer a new PADI Freediver Course, a great underwater skill for boaters, surfers, scuba divers, spear and lobster fishers, or for any one who would like to descend 50 feet and calmly explore the surrounding underwater.

Aqua Action FreeDiving


Free Diver Lessons
Includes: All Equipment


  1. An online Home Study segment (the PADI elearning segment is assigned to you as you register for the Course.
  2. 1. Three water training sessions (one in the pool and two out on our Patagon dive boat). The minimum goals to achieve are a 90 seconds static apnea and 35 feet dive. This Level 1 allows a maximum goal of 3 minutes and 55 feet;.

Please Note:

  • The course is conducted by Captain Arnoldo, an accomplished free diver himself since his youth.
  • Students group size is 4 participants maximum.
  • Includes the PADI elearning course, freediving personal gear, registration fee to PADI

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