Meet the Aqua Action Team

Elena and Hunter (Owners)

Husband and wife, hugging
Hunter and Elena are co-owners of Aqua Action Dive Center and Patagon Dive Center

Hunter and Elena are happily married for 24 years and counting. They have travelled the world together and lived in Los Angeles, Houston and Las Vegas as well as explored countless tropical destinations over the years. They have also been coming to St Thomas for almost 2 decades and have called the island home since 2016. They are co-owners of Aqua Action Dive Center and Patagon Dive Center and feel blessed to be part of two of the longest standing legacy dive operations on the island. They have worked hard to integrate the two brands now nestled together in their quaint bricks and mortar dive shop at Secret Harbour Beach Resort!

Elena has exceptional experience in the concierge and travel consulting industry, as well as a keen eye for fashion and retail. She brings this experience and her special touch to Aqua Action to contribute to its growth.

Hunter is a PADI certified Rescue Diver and has been actively diving across the globe for over 35 years.

Prior to St Thomas Hunter was an architect and real estate developer for 30+ years and $30+ billion in construction value. His experience in the hospitality/resort industry runs deep with decades delivering properties for market leaders such as Disney, Marriott, MGM Resorts International, Fontainebleau, and Mandarin Oriental.

Hunter has a lifelong passion for the ocean including scuba diving, boating, and fishing.

When you combine Hunter’s experience and passion with that of Elena’s and Arnoldo’s and add to it the amazing team we have at our shop, it creates a special diverse blend for the continued growth and success of Aqua Action for years to come.

Oh, and when you visit us. Don’t forget to take a ride in one of our Sunfari jeeps too!

Arnoldo (Co-Owner / Instructor / Captain)

collection of photos of Arnoldo. Top left is Stephen Hawkings
Ambassador of the Caribbean waters

Co-Owner of Aqua Action and Patagon Diving, Captain Arnoldo started his lifelong affair with the Ocean in Patagonia, Argentina. He lived there working as a commercial/salvage diver for many years before moving to St Thomas in 1976 to become a Padi scuba Instructor and a boat captain. With his accumulated decades of diving experience in the Virgin Islands he claims to be a true ambassador of its waters. At his advanced age he looks to inspire others in professing a love for the sea. Most recently he became a Padi freediving instructor in reaffirming a passion for that sport that he early started back in his Patagonian days.

For leisure he practices long distance swimming, he is a 4.5 singles tennis player, and has an keen interest in reading on the advancements of sciences through human history.

Savannah (Shop Manager/Dive Master)

Savannah carrying scuba tanks to shore
Half mermaid

Savannah joins us from Boise, Idaho! She is the main contact doing the reservations, social media and behind-the-scenes aspects of the shop. Savannah got her dive master here at the shop and started diving in 2018. She has been diving in the Utah crater, Belize, Honduras, Jamaica, Cozumel, and USVI. Savannah has traveled all over to Panama, Colombia, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico and Canada. She has also lived in Peru Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). Savannah has been a zip line guide, worked in property management, and as a bartender and waitress.

Some of her hobbies include learning about new boat stuff, fiber art, weaving, and botanical dying- using plants and natural sources to create vivid colors which are incorporated into wall hangings, plant hangers, and more. You might find some of her art for sale in the boutique!

A fun fact about Savannah is that she has webbed toes which basically means she’s part mermaid! 

Bob (Instructor/Captain)

Bob at beach with child on his shoulder
Instructor by day, musician by night.

Bob moved to St. Thomas in 2018 from Chicago. He got his scuba instructor certification at Rainbow Reef on Key Largo, Florida. He also got his staff instructor certification on St. Croix and received his blended nitrox cert as well. He studied music at DePaul University in Chicago. He pursued his passion as a musician playing the bass. Bob decided to escape the cold and move to the beach where he could follow his other passion, diving! Ha has worked all over the island creating his reputation as one of our best instructors! He also has his captains license and loves to take our guests to the best dive sites.

Bob's hobbies include golfing, working out and music. A fun fact about Bob is that he plays in a band here on the island! Ask him about an upcoming show on your next dive with him.

Lee (Captain)

Lee, a man, in a boat holding a fish
Captain / Dive Instructor / Beach Attendant

Lee has been diving since 2005 and is a SSI Dive Master Instructor. Originally from Brockton, Massachusetts, Lee has lived in many places due to his career in the Air Force. He now calls the SV Unladen Swallow home, which he shares with his wife & cat and is anchored in Secret Harbor Bay. Talk about a short commute to work! Lee has sailed, dove, and traveled all over the world including all over the Caribbean, Bahamas, Belize, Bonaire, United States (VA, FL, HI), Mexico, Maldives, and the Philippines. 

He also has an Master of Business Administration, Master of Information Systems, and has taken American Sailing Association courses 101-106 (up to offshore passing making).

Some of Lee’s favorite hobbies include sailing, underwater photography, and scuba diving. A fun fact about Lee is that he is also an Eagle Scout! 

Lenroy (Captain)

Lenroy with fishing rod on a boat
Captain & rescue Diver

Lenroy was born and raised on St. Thomas but he has spent some of his life living off island. He went to military high school in Florida and University in West Palm Beach Florida. He graduated with a bachelor's in international business. He also went to flight school and did his solo flight through the military school. He has traveled all over the world including Europe, Costa Rica, Australia, and Japan. He has worked all over the island as a captain for Charter St. Thomas, Adventure Scuba, and at Patagon Dive Center before we merged to one company.

Lenroy has his Rescue Diver Certification and plans to get his Dive Master in the near future. He enjoys fishing, traveling and spending his time off with his son.

A fun fact about Lenroy is that he has played almost every sport!

Rudi (Dive Master)

Scuba diver under water
Doesn't like getting wet!

Rudi is from Italy and just moved to the island in November of 2023. He completed his "zero to hero" just before moving to the Virgin Islands and joining our team. He has collected hundreds of dives since then and will be in the water any chance he gets! He grew up living in Italy, France, England, India and the USA. He completed high school between Italy and South Carolina, then graduated from college in England with a bachelor's in management and marketing. He moved back to South Carolina and opened a small chain of wine bars. Rudi decided to sell his wine bars and move to the Carribean.

His hobbies include golfing and eating vanilla Oreos! A fun fact about Rudi is he doesn't like to get wet when he dives.


Denise in lounge
Store Attendant

Denise grew up in the San Francisco Bay area and has called St. Thomas home for a year and a half now. Denise is a jack of all trades in our dive shop and boutique retail store!, and is sure to great you with a smile!

Denise has a Bachelor of Science and worked in healthcare until she happily retired here in STT. She enjoys cooking and spending her days at the beach. She is truly just a free spirit!


Close up of Brian
Store Attendant

Brian is from Santa Cruz California which is where he learned to SCUBA dive. He has been NAUI Open Water certified for over 24 years. He has lived on St. Thomas for two years. He has been diving all over Monterey Bay in California and spent some long vacations in Hawaii diving around the island of Oahu. Brian has a Bachelors degree in Marketing from San Jose State University in CA, and spent his professional career working for various corporations and casinos in sales and marketing.  

His favorite thing to do is SCUBA dive and snorkel and is learning to spear fish.  

A fun fact about him is that he have an identical twin brother who lives in Las Vegas.  

Sean (Beach Attendant Manager)

Close up of Sean
Packers fan!

Sean comes from Green Bay, Wisconsin so naturally he is a huge Packers fan! If you want to talk football, he is your guy. He lived right next to the stadium and has tons of great stories to share. Sean has a goal of seeing every state and US territory! So far, he has seen 48 states and only has Alaska and Hawaii to go to! He graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a bachelor's in engineering. Sean has been a lifeguard, snowboard instructor, truck driver, safety coordinator and a small business owner. He moved to the Virgin Islands in 2021 and gets to spend his days working on the beach now! Sean hasn't tried scuba diving yet, but he is planning on getting open water certified soon!

His hobbies include skateboarding, photography, snorkeling, being a percussionist and a movie buff. 80s and 90s comedies are his favorite! A fun fact about Sean is that he has been in 4 states at the same time! 

Dr. Jenkins (Shop Mascot)

Close up of dog Dr Jenkins
Iguana herder

Dr. Jenkins comes from a working ranch in the mountains of Idaho. She is a Border Collie, Blue Healer, and Ausie mix. She wasn't cut out for the harsh reality of herding cattle and was brought to the Humane Society of a nearby town where Savannah's boyfriend, Nick, rescued her and took her home. She quickly became the most well-known dog in that town with a population of 63. Jenkins traveled across the West Coast with her parents living out of their van until they made the decision to move to the Virgin Islands.

Savannah had been training with Dr. Jenkins for a couple years for her to be a service animal for her. She was able to ride with them on the plane for 16 hours of travel to the strangest place she'd ever been. She now spends every day at the beach getting attention from all the dive shop customers.

Her hobbies include chasing birds and iguanas, getting belly rubs and taking boat rides. Come visit her today! 

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